Arak Fakra

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“ARAK FAKRA” was born from an Arak distillery founded in the early eighteenth century by a noble Lebanese family of Mount Lebanon whose members were Consuls of France and Venice.

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Production: Produced by traditional multiple distillations of “Obeidi” and “Merwayh” grapes and “Hina” aniseed. It is then left to age until maturity in clay jars. Traditional pot stills, ion-exchangers, charcoal filters and ultra-violet rays for water-treatment, fully automated stainless steel bottling units, strict quality control and continuous research, altogether make Arak Fakra a unique product on the local and international market.

ABV: 50%
Bottle Size: 750mL

Ouzo and Arak are traditionally served with a small plate of a variety of appetizers called mezes, usually small fresh fish, fries, olives, and feta cheese. Arak can be described to have a similar taste to absinthe which is licorice-like, but smoother. Enjoy with water & ice.

Arak Fakra