Arak Ksarak

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Ksarak Arak is made with the finest grape alcohol, to which aniseed from the Al Heenah Area of Mount Hermon is added. The spirit is distilled to release the purest arak, which is then aged for two years in clay jars.

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Chateau Ksara is Lebanon’s oldest, largest, and most visited winery. It was here, in 1857, that Jesuit brothers laid the foundation for the country’s modern winemaking industry. Over the last decade, Chateau Ksara has seen the introduction of new grape varieties as well as developments in technique and the application of advanced science.

ABV: 53%
Bottle Size: 750mL

Ouzo and Arak are traditionally served with a small plate of a variety of appetizers called mezes, usually small fresh fish, fries, olives, and feta cheese. Arak can be described to have a similar taste to absinthe which is licorice-like, but smoother. Enjoy with water & ice.

Chateau Ksara