Arak Sannine

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Arak Sannine is produced with multiple distillations of Lebanese grapes and green aniseeds. The resulting distillate is then diluted with water, prior to a final slow distillation in a pot still. The final anise-flavored spirit is aged in traditional clay jars.

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Arak Sannine is made by combining traditional techniques and modern distillation technology. It has been one of the most popular brands of Arak in Lebanon for many decades.

ABV: 50%
Bottle Size: 750mL

Ouzo and Arak are traditionally served with a small plate of a variety of appetizers called mezes, usually small fresh fish, fries, olives, and feta cheese. Arak can be described to have a similar taste to absinthe which is licorice-like, but smoother. Enjoy with water & ice.

Arak Sannine