HYE-LAND Armenian Whiskey, 12 Year Old

///HYE-LAND Armenian Whiskey, 12 Year Old

HYE-LAND Armenian Whiskey, 12 Year Old

12 years old
750ml, 43% ABV

Small Batch, Single Malt Whiskey

From the Whisky Advocate: The nose offers seasoned oak, citrus, ginger, and allspice. The palate brings sweet notes of melon, coconut shavings, tobacco, ginger, and clove, all lightly accented by black pepper. The finish is viscous and has balanced sweetness.


Hye-Land is made at Eraskh Winery and Distillery in the Ararat Valley of Armenia. Known more for its wines, brandies, and vodkas, the facility was established in 1967 roughly 80 miles outside the capital city of Yeraskh in the village of Aralez. The Ararat valley is one of the most ancient agricultural regions on Earth, dating back to Noah and the time of the flood, and its flowing wheat fields, sprawling vineyards, and orchards of fruit trees offer an endless bounty of quality produce for Eraskh’s distillation.

While most single malt whiskies are 100% malted barley, HYE-LAND whiskey is made from 100% malted wheat, then aged in Caucasus Mountain oak before being finished in Armenian brandy barrels.