Arak El Rif (Red, Green & Black)

///Arak El Rif (Red, Green & Black)

Arak El Rif (Red, Green & Black)

Arak El Rif Premium (Red) | Arak El Rif Special (Green) | Arak El Rif Ultimate Reserve (Black)

Since 1828, El Rif is the rarest, most magical Arak you’ll ever experience. Selected from the finest grapes and anise seeds, Arak El Rif is a noble Lebanese speciality which has been savored for centuries in Lebanon. The art of producing El Rif lies on an extremely secret formula and technique devised by the Fifth Generation of the finest Arak producers.

Green: 106 Proof • 750ml/12
Red: 140 Proof • 750ml/12
Black: 136 Proof • 750ml/12
Product of Lebanon

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