• NOY Classic 20 Year | 15 Year | 10 Year | 7 Year Aroma is saturated with light tones of field flowers and steady tones of cinnamon and almond. Color is dark amber with a shine. Flavor is full, very rich with long-lasting aftertaste. ABV: 42% Product of Armenia
    Kremlin Award 20 Year | 15 Year | 10 Year | 7 Year Gift Boxes included Product of Armenia
  • Tigran the Great 60 Year Old | 40 Year Old | 25 Year Old | 20 Year Old Tigran the Great was King of Armenia for four decades from 95-55 BC. During his rule, Armenia reached the pinnacle of its greatness and was transformed into a superpower in the region, extending its dominion from the black sea to the southern Mediterranean. This rare Armenian brandy has been inspired by scale and significance of Tigran the Great's fruitful reign. This brandy has been aged in premium oak barrels, giving it deep, rich flavors and a unique, complex finish. 80 Proof • 750ml/6 Product of Armenia
  • StGrigor Grigor
    The quality of the brandy spirits provide the unique flavor and long-lasting aftertaste. It has a very dark amber color and full harmonious flavor with shades of port wine that touches the palate. 80 Proof • 750ml/6 Product of Armenia
  • The Arakadz 7 star Brandy has been achieved by the double distillation technique that combines noble grape alcohol naturally matured for several years in oak reservoirs. The Arakadz Brandy is an award winning brand that affords connoisseurs the best in quality. 80 Proof • 750ml/12 • Gift Box Product of Armenia
  • Great Armenian poet-minstrel Sayat Nova was born in Tiflis Georgia in 1722 and died in 1795. He wrote the words, composed the lyrics, sung and played on his kamancha (like a violin) in three languages; Armenian, Georgian and Azerbeijany. He was the official singer of Georgian Palace in Tiflis. This Brandy was released to commemorate the 200th anniversary of his death. 80 Proof • 750ml/6 • Gift Box with 2 Glasses Product of France
  • Mesrob Mashtots Brandy is made with the finest grapes from the Araratian Region. Its rich mellow flavor is matured twenty-five years to unsurpassed perfection. Mesrob Mashtots is the first Armenian Brandy to win a gold medal in the North American competition. 80 Proof • 750ml/6 • Gift Box with 2 Glasses Product of Armenia
  • A premium French Brandy specially distributed in a collector's bottle in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. 80 Proof • 1.75L/4 • 750ml/6 Product of France
  • A popular French Brandy, "Le Carter" is a V.S.O.P that has a smooth, crisp flavor enjoyed by all palates. Perfect for sipping over ice or neat. 80 Proof • 750ml/12 Product of France
  • OPERA XO is the result of the subtle art of distilling and blending, and has been aged in oak casks in France under the supervision of the "appellation controle ". Distributed in a unique modern glass bottle that swings about its spherical bottom. This rare and remarkably smooth Brandy is enjoyed by all. 80 Proof • 750ml/12 Gift Boxed Product of France
  • NOY Araspel 3 Year & 5 Year The best grapes from Ararat valley of Armenia are used in the production of this brandy. The incomparable pleasure in tasting it is the result of a rigorous selection of young eaux-de-vie by the Noy cellar master whose sole ambition is to create a harmonious and pure brandy. Maturing for 3 or 5 years in oak barrels gives Araspel its sumptuous bouquet. The brandy is delivered in a luxurious gift box containing a “basquaise” style bottle reserved for noble drinks. You can serve it as a liqueur at the end of a meal or as an aperitif. ABV:40% Product of Armenia
  • NOY Tirakal is a refined, aristocratic brandy whose complexity is achieved by combining a blend of at least 25 old brandy distillates aged at least 25 years in oak barrels made from the Caucasus wood. Aroma: An incredibly deep, mellow aroma with vivid tones of sugar-coated fruit, hazelnut and dark chocolate. Taste: Rich, dense, complex and fruity taste with velvety notes of nutmeg and old port wine caresses the palate, leaving a pleasant and very long aftertaste. ABV: 40% Product of Armenia  
  • Yerevantsi Armenian Brandy 15 Year | 15 Year Apricot | 10 Year Gift Box | 7 Year