Arak Haddad Gold | Arak Haddad Silver | Arak Haddad Crystal The most popular Jordanian beverages. Through a blend of ancient tradition and modern technology, Arak Haddad has re-created the drinking delight of the past. With water and ice, you can enjoy the flavors and re-live the traditions that only Arak Haddad can provide. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 Product of Jordan
  • Prepared from pure grape spirits in it's oldest traditional way, the fine taste of Arak Shellelet Zahle has been achieved through a double distillation method under the supervision of highly qualified technicians. Our experience in Arak manufacturing makes our brand award winning. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 Product of U.S.A.
  • Arak is the national Lebanese beverage. Produced by multiple distillations of grapes and green aniseeds, and aged in clay jars, Arak Sannine is Arak by excellence. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 Product of Lebanon
  • Gantous production involves the use of the best grapes, the choice of premium aniseeds, the repeated distillation process and aging before bottling. All these are features that distinguish Arak Gantous & Abou Raad and ensure its good taste and smoothness. Also available in miniature sizes. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 Product of Lebanon
    Arak El Rif Premium (Red) | Arak El Rif Special (Green) | Arak El Rif Ultimate Reserve (Black) Since 1828, El Rif is the rarest, most magical Arak you'll ever experience. Selected from the finest grapes and anise seeds, Arak El Rif is a noble Lebanese speciality which has been savored for centuries in Lebanon. The art of producing El Rif lies on an extremely secret formula and technique devised by the Fifth Generation of the finest Arak producers. Green: 106 Proof • 750ml/12 Red: 140 Proof • 750ml/12 Black: 136 Proof • 750ml/12 Product of Lebanon
  • Made from "Obeidi" grapes and grown on the eastern slopes of Mount Lebanon, Arak Abou Akl is a highly valued, anise flavored aperitif. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 Product of Lebanon
  • This pure grape alcohol is redistilled in a specially designed alembic in France with the aniseed. Ksarak's innovative technique discloses the heart of the arak through an independent pipe to obtain the real "pure flower". Finally, this spirit is refined to release the purest and healthiest arak. Ksarak is finally matured for two years in clay jars manufactured in Beit Chebab following ancestral norms. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 • 375ml/24 Product of Lebanon
  • Arak Fakra is Arak by excellence. Produced by traditional multiple distillations of "Obeidi" and "Merwayh" grapes and "Hina" aniseed, it is then left to age till maturity in clay jars. Traditional pot stills, ion-exchangers, charcoal filters and ultra-violet rays for water-treatment, fully automated stainless steel bottling units, strict quality control and continuous research, altogether make Arak Fakra a unique product on the local and international market. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 • 375ml/24 Product of Lebanon
  • Arak "El Massaya" is made from the oubeidi vines and distilled three times on slow burning grape wood in a "Charantais" still. It is then aged over 6 months in clay jars. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 • 375ml/12 • 200ml/12 Product of Lebanon
  • Produced from the alcohol of grapes and blended with fresh anise all selected with great care and crafted inside a hundred-year-old cellar in the very prestigious Domaine des Tourelles. Arak Brun is processed traditionally using a three-stage distillation. It is totally free of methanol. The crystal clear arak is then aged inside old clay jars situated in the property’s cellars. This pure traditional process grants Arak Brun a fine softness and a pleasant taste that make it a delight to have with Mediterranean plates. 106 Proof • 750ml/6 Product of Lebanon
  • Distilled from natural grape juice with anise seed oil. Arak Al Mimas represents a tradition. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 Product of Syria
  • Arak Al Rayan is prepared according to the traditions of choice Araks. It is distilled using the finest grapes and flavored with natural aniseeds. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 Product of Lebanon
  • Romios Ouzo is a traditional Greek aperitif. It is produced from a distillation of excellent quality pure grain alcohol with extracts of aromatic herbs, aniseed and mastic. It is served straight with water or ice; excellent with seafood. 76 Proof • 750ml/6 Product of Greece
  • NOY Classic 20 Year | 15 Year | 10 Year | 7 Year Aroma is saturated with light tones of field flowers and steady tones of cinnamon and almond. Color is dark amber with a shine. Flavor is full, very rich with long-lasting aftertaste. ABV: 42% Product of Armenia
    Kremlin Award 20 Year | 15 Year | 10 Year | 7 Year Gift Boxes included Product of Armenia
  • Tigran the Great 60 Year Old | 40 Year Old | 25 Year Old | 20 Year Old Tigran the Great was King of Armenia for four decades from 95-55 BC. During his rule, Armenia reached the pinnacle of its greatness and was transformed into a superpower in the region, extending its dominion from the black sea to the southern Mediterranean. This rare Armenian brandy has been inspired by scale and significance of Tigran the Great's fruitful reign. This brandy has been aged in premium oak barrels, giving it deep, rich flavors and a unique, complex finish. 80 Proof • 750ml/6 Product of Armenia
  • StGrigor Grigor
    The quality of the brandy spirits provide the unique flavor and long-lasting aftertaste. It has a very dark amber color and full harmonious flavor with shades of port wine that touches the palate. 80 Proof • 750ml/6 Product of Armenia
  • The Arakadz 7 star Brandy has been achieved by the double distillation technique that combines noble grape alcohol naturally matured for several years in oak reservoirs. The Arakadz Brandy is an award winning brand that affords connoisseurs the best in quality. 80 Proof • 750ml/12 • Gift Box Product of Armenia
  • Great Armenian poet-minstrel Sayat Nova was born in Tiflis Georgia in 1722 and died in 1795. He wrote the words, composed the lyrics, sung and played on his kamancha (like a violin) in three languages; Armenian, Georgian and Azerbeijany. He was the official singer of Georgian Palace in Tiflis. This Brandy was released to commemorate the 200th anniversary of his death. 80 Proof • 750ml/6 • Gift Box with 2 Glasses Product of France
  • Mesrob Mashtots Brandy is made with the finest grapes from the Araratian Region. Its rich mellow flavor is matured twenty-five years to unsurpassed perfection. Mesrob Mashtots is the first Armenian Brandy to win a gold medal in the North American competition. 80 Proof • 750ml/6 • Gift Box with 2 Glasses Product of Armenia
  • A premium French Brandy specially distributed in a collector's bottle in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. 80 Proof • 1.75L/4 • 750ml/6 Product of France
  • A popular French Brandy, "Le Carter" is a V.S.O.P that has a smooth, crisp flavor enjoyed by all palates. Perfect for sipping over ice or neat. 80 Proof • 750ml/12 Product of France
  • OPERA XO is the result of the subtle art of distilling and blending, and has been aged in oak casks in France under the supervision of the "appellation controle ". Distributed in a unique modern glass bottle that swings about its spherical bottom. This rare and remarkably smooth Brandy is enjoyed by all. 80 Proof • 750ml/12 Gift Boxed Product of France
  • tsar-alex-grande-champ tsar-alex-grande-champ
  • AE_Dor_XO AE_Dor_XO
    Product of France
  • Deau_Black Louis-Memory-Limited-Edition
    Ginetic is double-distilled in Charentais stills then gently heated for the vapors to soak up the subtle notes of berries and herbs. A unique blend of juniper, Jamaican pepper, lemon peel, Spanish coriander, angelica and cinchona bark to inspire passionate mixologists and sippers alike. 80 proof • 750ml/6 Product of France
    Honorable Reposado 100% Agave | Honorable Reposado Honorable Reposado is a beautiful clear golden color with soft, calming flavors of oak. A tequila with the best production technology for a delicious taste. 80 proof • 750ml/6 Product of Mexico
  • This grain vodka has a supple entry that leads to a dryish medium-bodied palate with very clean, clear flavors. Finishes with a long, fruity and clean fade.  - Rated 92, tastings.com Gold Medal Winner from Beverage Tasting Institute 80 proof • 750ML/12 Product of France
  • Artsakh_Apricot Artsakh_Cornelian
    Highland Queen Majesty Classic | 12 Years Old | 16 Years Old Soft and delicate malt scotch whiskey with light floral notes, a nutty sweetness and long and an elegant finish. 80 Proof • 750 mL Product of Scotland  
  • Honorable Anejo 100% Agave | Honorable Blanco 100% Agave Made with 100% pure agave nectar made from superior quality agave for a clear and intense flavor. 80 proof • 750ml/6 Product of Mexico
  • Artsakh Flavored Vodka Apricot | Cornelian Cherry | Mulberry White | Mulberry 3 Year 750ml Product of Armenia
  • In addition to the usual six-step filtration process. The Tsar Alexander I Vodka has undergone a distinct and extraordinary mystification process. This unprecedented process allows each droplet of vodka to undergo an oxygen aeration process, which has never before been accomplished. The final product is achieved by natural evaporation without adding water. This vodka experience will truly leave you mystified. Product of France
  • NOY Araspel 3 Year & 5 Year The best grapes from Ararat valley of Armenia are used in the production of this brandy. The incomparable pleasure in tasting it is the result of a rigorous selection of young eaux-de-vie by the Noy cellar master whose sole ambition is to create a harmonious and pure brandy. Maturing for 3 or 5 years in oak barrels gives Araspel its sumptuous bouquet. The brandy is delivered in a luxurious gift box containing a “basquaise” style bottle reserved for noble drinks. You can serve it as a liqueur at the end of a meal or as an aperitif. ABV:40% Product of Armenia
  • NOY Tirakal is a refined, aristocratic brandy whose complexity is achieved by combining a blend of at least 25 old brandy distillates aged at least 25 years in oak barrels made from the Caucasus wood. Aroma: An incredibly deep, mellow aroma with vivid tones of sugar-coated fruit, hazelnut and dark chocolate. Taste: Rich, dense, complex and fruity taste with velvety notes of nutmeg and old port wine caresses the palate, leaving a pleasant and very long aftertaste. ABV: 40% Product of Armenia