• Prepared from pure grape spirits in it's oldest traditional way, the fine taste of Arak Shellelet Zahle has been achieved through a double distillation method under the supervision of highly qualified technicians. Our experience in Arak manufacturing makes our brand award winning. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 Product of Lebanon
  • Arak is the national Lebanese beverage. Produced by multiple distillations of grapes and green aniseeds, and aged in clay jars, Arak Sannine is Arak by excellence. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 Product of Lebanon
  • Gantous production involves the use of the best grapes, the choice of premium aniseeds, the repeated distillation process and aging before bottling. All these are features that distinguish Arak Gantous & Abou Raad and ensure its good taste and smoothness. Also available in miniature sizes. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 Product of Lebanon
  • Arak El Rif Special (Green) Since 1828, El Rif is the rarest, most magical Arak you'll ever experience. Selected from the finest grapes and anise seeds, Arak El Rif is a noble Lebanese speciality which has been savored for centuries in Lebanon. The art of producing El Rif lies on an extremely secret formula and technique devised by the Fifth Generation of the finest Arak producers. Green: 106 Proof • 750ml/12 Product of Lebanon
  • This pure grape alcohol is redistilled in a specially designed alembic in France with the aniseed. Ksarak's innovative technique discloses the heart of the arak through an independent pipe to obtain the real "pure flower". Finally, this spirit is refined to release the purest and healthiest arak. Ksarak is finally matured for two years in clay jars manufactured in Beit Chebab following ancestral norms. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 • 375ml/24 Product of Lebanon
  • Arak Fakra is Arak by excellence. Produced by traditional multiple distillations of "Obeidi" and "Merwayh" grapes and "Hina" aniseed, it is then left to age till maturity in clay jars. Traditional pot stills, ion-exchangers, charcoal filters and ultra-violet rays for water-treatment, fully automated stainless steel bottling units, strict quality control and continuous research, altogether make Arak Fakra a unique product on the local and international market. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 • 375ml/24 Product of Lebanon
  • Arak "El Massaya" is made from the oubeidi vines and distilled three times on slow burning grape wood in a "Charantais" still. It is then aged over 6 months in clay jars. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 • 375ml/12 • 200ml/12 Product of Lebanon
  • Produced from the alcohol of grapes and blended with fresh anise all selected with great care and crafted inside a hundred-year-old cellar in the very prestigious Domaine des Tourelles. Arak Brun is processed traditionally using a three-stage distillation. It is totally free of methanol. The crystal clear arak is then aged inside old clay jars situated in the property’s cellars. This pure traditional process grants Arak Brun a fine softness and a pleasant taste that make it a delight to have with Mediterranean plates. 106 Proof • 750ml/6 Product of Lebanon
  • Distilled from natural grape juice with anise seed oil. Arak Al Mimas represents a tradition. 100 Proof • 750ml/12
  • Arak Al Rayan is prepared according to the traditions of choice Araks. It is distilled using the finest grapes and flavored with natural aniseeds. 100 Proof • 750ml/12  
  • Made from grapes, and distilled with green anise.  Heavenly Arak is prepared in strict accordance with tradition through which modern methods have been adapted in order to obtain an extremely wholesome product. Successive distillations give it refinement worthy of all the great wine-based brandies. It is the Lebanese national beverage and makes an excellent aperitif. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 • 375ml/24 Product of Lebanon
  • Lebanon's national drink, Arak is typically enjoyed with mezze dishes or as an aperitif. This delicious white spirit has been made in Lebanese villages for centuries. Selected from the finest grapes and aniseed, Arak undergoes four distillations to ensure optimal purity. Mix Arak with water (it will turn white) and serve it in a tradition small glass with an ice cube. 100 Proof • 750ml/12 • 375ml/24 Product of Lebanon