LAC Products was established over eighty years ago in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon under the name Carlo Winery. Founded by Garabed Kurkjian in 1938, the company has changed and  grown exponentially under his sons and grandsons. The original Carlo Winery suffered immeasurable losses during the Lebanese Civil War in the mid-seventies and was completely destroyed when Bekaa Valley was attacked. While recouping from these difficult setbacks, the company found a new home in Los Angeles where the third and fourth generations of the Kurkjian family have continued to carry on the 80 year old tradition of excellence.

Carlo evolved from its humble origins to a modern international beverage company in the United States. LAC Products is a recognized importer, producer and wholesaler of beers, juices, wine, brandy and many other fine spirits from around the world. The non-alcoholic division is now called Carlo Beverages as an homage to the original winery in Lebanon. The company specializes in Armenian, French and Middle Eastern products with an increasing focus on beverages from wider range of regions and traditions.